Christmas Clean

Christmas is a the time of year when we get together and share it with our family and friends and especially this year. The last thing you want to be doing before they all arrive is to be stressed about making the house tidy and getting your clothes washing done.

I'm here to help reduce the stress by spreading Christmas Cheer and cleaning and tidying your house ready for the festivities or after they have all gone and you just want to relax and put your feet up.

Some easy tips to help you along the way is to ask your family for some help. We often forget that those around us will give a helping hand if we ask them (or let them know that Santa will add another small gift under the tree!) Maybe just folding the ironing and storing it under the stairs, putting the washing in the basket or putting the toys away will all make the Christmas season seem much happier for everyone.

But if you want our help then get in touch and I can help with a one off clean over a busy but wonderful time of the year.

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