Cleaning Tips Before You Go Away

So you are about to leave for a few days or weeks, what should be the last few things you do before you check your home is secure and appliance as unplugged? A few cleaning jobs that will mean your house doesn't smell when you return.

  1. Give the final few dishes a wash, empty the dishwasher and put your things away. If you have a dishwasher leave the door slightly open

  2. Empty the bins and put all rubbish in the outside bin. Give the inside bin a quick squirt of disinfectant such as Zoflora.

  3. Throw out any perishable food and flowers (in the outside bin).

  4. Wipe down the work surfaces.

  5. Flush all toilets and out a toilet cleaner in them.

You are ready to leave your home smelling fresh for your return.

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