Protecting Your Home Whilst You Are Away

Whether you are going away on holiday abroad, a staycation, seeing family or working away, you will want to ensure that your home is protected as much as possible whilst you are not there.

There are a few things you can do to try and look after your home when it is empty. The obvious one but sometimes missed, is to ensure all your doors and windows are closed and locked securely. It is worth a final check of your home to make sure that windows have not been left open or slightly ajar in the rush to get ready to leave.

Tell a trusted neighbour that you will be away and for how long so they can look for anything that is unusual and cancel any deliveries including monthly subscriptions.

To make sure your home is safe from costly issues such a leaks or other damages unplug applicances, in the summer turn off heating and hot water (to help reduce costs) and in the winter you may want to have heating on low. All of these will help you to relax whilst you are away from home.

If you live in the Warwickshire area Return & Relax can also help by checking on your home whilst you are away, watering plants, opening and closing curtains and checking on the security of your home, so you are able to come home with peace of mind.

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