Return and Relax - How it all began

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Hello, I'm Debbie and welcome to Return and Relax.

I first established Return and Relax when I came back from my holidays and found that getting home took away all of the benefits of being away. The house needed to be cleaned, there was no food for a quick snack or milk for a cup of tea and then there was the washing!

I also have five cats and I needed someone to feed them whilst I was away as I didn't want to put them in a cattery, and so Return and Relax was born.

It got me thinking, what service could I provide that would mean that when I arrived home I continued to have the benefits of a relaxing break without coming back to reality with a bang!

The services I decided to include are:

Caring for your cats, so you that know whether it is for one night or more, your cats are being well looked after.

Cleaning services, having a freshly cleaned and tidy house on the day you return.

Home care services, having comfort in knowing someone has been to your home and closed the curtains, put lights on, put your bins out or simply not having a pile of post at your door.

A hamper of the main essentials, so you don't have to go to the shop as soon as your arrive home.

Laundry services so you can handover your washing and have it returned clean and fresh within a few days.

My primary aim is for Return and Relax to support your return home, whether it is from a holiday or working away. Return and Relax will do its absolute best to provide you with an outstanding service.

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